Year 2

Hi Little Angel.

It is your second year in heaven. I hope that you are loving it up there. I am so happy that you are being able to experience all the things that I would not be able to give you. Honestly the world down here kinda sucks. So I am glad that you are safe on a cloud.

I am at college now. I am really sad that I cannot be home to do my little tribute to you. I will try to do something Friday for you. I miss you a lot. I think about you everyday. I see other girls with their babies and think of how lucky they are to be able to hold their little ones. But I know that it is best for you to not be here with me.

I am so sorry for not being the best to you that I could have. God needed you more than I need you. That’s okay. He is giving you the best. Like I always say, you were too beautiful for Earth. I really want to get a tattoo for you. I have been thinking about it.

I love you a lot little one. I can’t wait to one day get to meet you. Then we can actually get to know each other. Thank you for looking down on me everyday. I hope you have the best second year in heaven.

I love you always.


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