College Boys So Far

Okay so before I came to college I actually thought that it was going to be a huge sea of amazing, hot guys. Wow was I wrong. Yeah there are some cute guys, but most of the guys that I see that are cute, end up acting like a complete douche bag. From watching boys here the past two months, I am confident in saying that freshman college boys only want to have sex. I do not want to do that…at all.

I am honestly at the point where I am ready to have a boyfriend again and be able to feel confident in a relationship. I want something stable and someone that I can take home to my family. I am so over the stupid typical hot boys. I don’t even know if that makes sense. My values have changed so much since high school.

So far at college there have been two boys that I thought could be worth my time. I did the test of whether or not they cared about me or my body. Both boys showed the perfect signs at the beginning. Acting like they cared so much. Really good at responding to texts, asking to hang out, being really sweet to me, saying that they actually wanted to be with me. I actually believed it with one of the guys.

So I waited. I did not do anything with these guys because I wanted to see if they actually care. If a relationship is completely physical…then what is the point. The first boy kept his act up for about two weeks, and then it dropped off really quick. He quit responding to texts, snapchats etc. Never asked to hang out anymore. I even tried a few times to get the ball rolling and see if he wanted to hang out. But he was always “busy”. So I stopped.

I am honestly disappointed, but I am happy that I did not put myself in an unhealthy situation. Yeah it sucks a lot that I actually thought that he liked me, but it is his loss. I am ready to love the right person and be the absolute best to them. But now is not my time, and that is fine. I know that my husband is out there somewhere, and I pray for him all the time.

I am being extra picky because I deserve it. I have been through hell and back the past few years and I deserve nothing but the best. I am glad that I finally understand this. Freshman college boys are not at my level yet, and thats fine. I am fine with being single because I do not want to waste my time with a boy that doesn’t give me all his time.



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