A New Theory Called ‘Positivity’

So Hi. It has been 5 months since I have last blogged. Sorry it has been so long. A lot has been going on! I have been super busy with school, but I feel like I am at a little bit of a slower place right now which is amazing for me.

This year I have really made myself aware of how I am coming across to other people. I hate when I get in bed at night and I replay events of the day and realize I seemed rude without even meaning to. This year I have tried to work on my filter. It is no where close to where I want it to be, but I am making baby steps.

I will always be the girl that will speak her mind and I will not not stand up for something I believe in. I am just trying to be sweeter when I am doing regular things that do not need confrontation. I am super intense and I think that it can drive some people away from me. I have attempted to tone down and be calmer. lol. It is so hard for me.

I am just proud of myself for at least trying. Gotta start somewhere. I have had some pretty crappy things happen to me lately, and I have handled all of it with out self harm!!! This makes me so incredibly proud of myself. I have definitely had the thoughts and have wanted to, but I beat them. I am better than my depression and I can defeat it.

Okay this is random and does not really have a point, but I just wanted to give a little update. I am going to try to be more consistent and be able to talk about my little day to day issues.

Thank you for sticking with me!

xo, HH

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