Happy One Year In Heaven

Wow. Here we are. 365 days later. It hurts, a lot. I had a connection with you that I did not realize until you were gone. Every single day I think about you. You would be one today. I know you would have been beautiful. God needed you up there. You are my little guardian angel. I hope you love it! I know you do. I am so happy that you are in the best place possible. You are safe from all of the crap in the world that could hurt you. You will never fall and scrape your knee. You will never be nervous on the first day of high school. You will never have your heart broken by some stupid teenage boy. I am trying to make this day as positive as I can, but it’s hard. I have cried multiple times today and in the days leading up to now. I know you are looking down on me. Today I bought a balloon and sat on my car looking out at beautiful trees. I talked to you. I held on to the balloon and then released it. Just a little something to help me grieve and to honor you. Save me a spot up there. God is holding you in His arms and I am holding you in my heart. I love you so much. Happy One Year In Heaven.

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