To Each Her Own

So….. I have been hearing through the grapevine that people have been saying mean things about me and my blog behind my back. I don’t want to make this a whiney or attacking blog, I just want to explain a few things.

First of all, everyone is different. People see other people differently than you do. If we all saw everything the same the world would be so boring. Secondly, people are not always what they seem. Half the time my smiles are forced because I don’t want to show the whole school what is going on at home or with myself. That goes for a lot of people. You never know what someone is going through. That being said, it is so important to not be so quick to judge. Just because someone does something different than you or likes someone that you do not, does not mean that you should put your guard up and talk bad about them. Things that are different than what we are normally used to can be scary. I get that. I have had my fair share of misjudgments.

Just recently I was talking to this guy and yadda yadda yadda. Anyways, when people started to find out they began to say mean things to me. “Oh my gosh that is so gross you like him?” “But he is so weird…” “Are you serious…” “That is so embarassing” “Your reputation is ruined”. That really hurt me. I play it off by laughing it off but it actually hurts. So what if I thought this guy was cute? So what if I kissed him? Does that effect you personally in anyway? No it doesn’t. When I actually sat down with the guy he was really nice. Yeah he was kinda weird and a little too upfront but at least I gave him a chance before I judged him. I met him with no idea of what he was going to be like. It turned out that I did not like him in a boyfriend kind of way but at least I went for it. I got a personal view. I decided for myself if he was a guy that I would want to talk to.

It really makes me mad when people tell me that it was “gross of me” or “embarrassing”. You know what I think is embarrassing? When people are too insecure to put themselves out there and meet new people. When people are so concerned with their social status and how they “cannot date someone below my social status oh that’s so embarrassing”. If you think someone is cute then you should go for it. Screw the “social status” or what other people think about that person. Find out for yourself if you like the person or not. Do not base your friendships or relationships on what others tell you is “cool”.

If I had never gone out of my comfort zone and met this guy then I would have missed out on a life lesson. Yes now I wish that I had not done it, but I am glad that I found out for myself. I gave him a chance when no one else wanted to. He turned out to be a super nice guy, but just not the guy for me.

Before you judge someone or before you decide if you should or should not talk to someone…remind yourself that you are no better than them and they are no better than you. We are all on the same playing field and all of the stupid titles need to be dropped. If there is someone you like or something you want to do then go for it. You will never know unless you try. Why sit around life following the rules of someone else? Do what you want (as long as it does not hurt another person or yourself) and worry about you. Don’t waste your life worrying about what the person next to you thinks about you.

Do what God wants you to do and listen to His judgement. Ultimately, His plan is all that matters and he will take or put people into your life that he wants to be there. Trust him and make your choices based on him and not your classmates. Life is a lot easier when you don’t have a “popularity rule book” above your head.

Everyone is different. Everyone escapes their troubles in some way. Mine is blogging. Blogging has helped me from cutting myself multiple times. Still think it is funny to make fun of my blog? Instead of taking my anger out on my wrist, I take it out on the keyboard. Once again proving that there is a lot about a person that you do not know. My blog isn’t for attention…my real name is not even on here….so please respect it. If you still think after this that my blog is dumb or attention seeking, then I ask that you just never come back to read. You do not have to like this and you do not have to like me, but please keep my release a happy place for me.

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