Your Feelings vs. Her Feelings

So lately I have been realizing that I am not the only girl at my school that feels like she is getting screwed over in the guy department by her best friends. I have been listening around and it is actually happening to a lot of girls. What the heck people!!!!!! It blows my mind that so many girls are doing this to their best friend. Here is my thoughts on how to handle feelings for your friends ex.

First of all, I don’t know if this is just me, but if anyone hurts one of my friends they are automatically on my bad side. That is a bad place to be by the way lol. Anyways, I am so loyal to my friends. I always have stood by them even if it caused me to lose a friendship because that person hurt my friend. It just makes sense to me. That is how I have always been. I will always have my friends’ backs. Anyways so I think because I am like that and I have common sense, I get so confused when girls go after their guys ex.

Recently there has been some boy drama. She 1 likes him and She 2 likes him also. She 1 and She 2 are friends. If She 1 has liked him the longest, and Boy 1 likes her back… I think that She 1 should have him. In this situation, She 2 has a choice. She 2 can either choose her own feelings towards the boy and hurt her friend, or she can put her own feelings aside and think of the feelings of She 1. I can guarantee that the dumb high school boys that seem to be all that and so hot and everything you could want…will not be around forever. You know who will be? Your true girl friends. They will stand by you. They will keep up with you when y’all possibly split ways for college. True girl friends stick together forever. Boys will come and go. Is it really worth hurting your best friend for a couple of months of hot hook ups and good Instagram pics? I think that it is very obvious to choose your friends feelings, but I have realized that my thoughts are not the norm anymore.

All I am trying to get at is your actions can hurt. They can hurt really bad. I think it is very important to look at the people in your life and weed out the people that will not be there forever. That can hurt really bad, I’m going through that now. The girls that truly have your back need you to have theirs. Always chose your friends feelings before your own. A stupid boy should not break up a bond that could have lasted forever.

Put others first and think before you do.

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