Honest vs. Mean

I will be the first person to say that my blog is straight up and can seem mean. There is no sugar coating anything here. That is why I created this blog…so that I could have a place to release. A place where people that are going through some of the same things as me can relate. I wish I had had someone who was battling with depression when I was at my lowest.

All this to say. I know that certain people hate my blog. Probably because I have not said good things about them. That is honest. If someone came up to me and smacked me on the face, I’m not going to go buy them a gift card and have lovey feelings for them. If someone came up to me and smacked me in the face I would smack them back. I would stand up for myself. I’m not just going to let that happen. That is a bad analogy for what I am about to explain, but just try to stay with me. If someone hurts me really bad…I am not going to come write a blog about how they have treated me so well. That is straight up a lie. I would/do tell the straight up truth about how I feel because it is honest. Trust me I know that honesty hurts. I have had my fair share of wake up calls and people being honest with me.

One thing that I have loved about people being honest with me when I mess up is when I fix it. I have been told many times that I am “too much of this” or “not enough of that”. Yeah it sucks to hear that. No one wants to face their mistakes and realize that they are not perfect… but it’s reality. You have two choices when confronted with one of your “flaws”. You can either take the flaw and find a way to fix it and better yourself or you can sit around and sulk in how much you hate the person that told you that. I admit I am guilty of doing the second option, but what I have learned is that no good ever comes from it. Sitting in pain accomplishes nothing and only hurts you. The person that told you the flaw could care less that they told you. They are not sitting around all day just thinking about what they told you. You however will sit around all day and think about it. Analyze the flaw and everything else about you. You have to turn it to a positive.

To wrap this all up, my blog can be harsh. It can be hurtful, but it is not coming from a mean place. My blog comes from a place of hurt and a place of growth. With each trial I face, I do my best to turn it to a positive. I blog. I get my feelings out. I say how I honestly feel. Sure some people will read this and think it is about them and be hurt by it, but they should not take it as something mean. If I read something about myself and how I had hurt someone, I would do everything that I could to fix what I did. In fact, I have had this exact situation happen to me so I get that it hurts. Not a lot of people do that. That is what causes this vicious cycle.

This blog was kinda all over the place and I hope that it makes sense. To sum it up, always be honest. It may hurt you or another person but honesty is always the best. If you are told something honest but hurtful, don’t sulk in how much you think you suck. Turn it around to something positive and better yourself.

We all have so much potential and we need to spend our lives bettering ourselves and those around us, not tearing each other down. Guess what? We all have hard times and we all hurt. We need to work together to make each other feel happy and positive because we all have our downs.

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