Welcome to Crazy Town

I would like to start this journey that you all are about to embark on with me at a slow pace. Much has gone on in my past 16 years of life that have been total game changers. The girl that I am today is the complete opposite of the girl that I wanted to be when I was younger.  A dancer, a vet, a strong Christian. My whole life I have been brought up to be this cookie cutter girl. I was supposed to go to church every Sunday. I was supposed to grow up and become successful. I was supposed to have a well paying job. I was supposed to stay abstinent until marriage and find the perfect husband. I was supposed to have children that played in a green yard surrounded by a white picket fence. I was supposed to live in a red brick house in which I would cook and clean in. All of these expectations have been building up my entire life. All of these expectations were always swimming around in my head. All of these expectations have always been around me. My entire family has followed these rules, and I have grown up watching all of their examples. One would think that after seeing these examples for so long, that I would stick to what I have seen works. I have broken just about every expectation. Considering that I am only 16 and am not married yet, the expectations of a husband haven’t been broken yet, but my mindset of those things are not where they are “supposed to” be. This blog is going to start at the beginning of my life and take you through the trials that I have overcome, and the ones that I am still trying to defeat. I hope that I can help one of you in someway as we get through this crazy thing called life together. Welcome to Crazy Town…

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